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Correspondence with Maciej Puzio

Date: Sat, 04 Jan 1997 13:18:30 +0100
From: Maciej Puzio
Reply-To: puzio@medianet.com.pl
To: keith
Subject: Your genealogy

Hi Keith,

I was searching for my family name through the Internet and come across
your page. I see that one of your ancestors (or relatives) was Puzio.
I find your etymology page very interesting, especially the derivation
pyza -> Puzio. I would like to add that, to my knowledge, it is possible
that Puzio isn't a Polish name, but Italian instead. I can send you more
details on this if you are interested.

I also wold like to tell you that "niesmiertelny" means "immortal" in
Polish (without any doubts). It is a commonly used adjective, which is formed
from words "nie" (no, not; negation) and "smierc" (death; "s" and "c" in this
word are accented). "-elny" is a suffix used to form the adjective.
For sure the word "niesmiertelny" is not derived from the word "mierzyc".

I will study your genealogy tree deeper, because there is a possibility that
all Polish Puzios (there are also Puzios in Italy) are one big family.

I hope the information I've given here would be helpful to you.

Greetings from Poland!

Maciej Puzio


Date: Sat, 18 Jan 1997 19:08:57 +0100
From: Maciej Puzio
Reply-To: puzio@medianet.com.pl
To: Keith Kalemba
Subject: Re: Puzio family

Hi Keith,

Sorry for a looong delay, and thanks for your interest in Puzio family name.
Here are a few facts about my family.

My branch of the Puzio family comes from Cudow. This is a small village
near Kozienice (which in turn is 30 km North-East from Radom). The
grandfather (Pawel) of my grandfather (Stanislaw) lived there, before he
moved to to Bazanow Nowy (near Ryki, 60 km North-West from Lublin).
In this village several generation lived, until my grandfather moved to Warsaw.

This is rather far from Nisko, which is about 100 km South from that area.
I have however found other Puzios, who are now in Canada, and whose
ancestors are from the region near Zamosc (70 km South-East from Lublin and
70 km East from Nisko), but they came there from Pionki near Radom (15 km
from Kozienice). So, putting all these geographic relations together, it is
possible that all Puzios are one family which has spread from the Kozienice
region (perhaps from Cudow). My grandfather told me that Puzio was a very
common name in that area (in some localities half of inhabitants were Puzios,
or even more).

When my grandfather was young, he heard that his ancestor came from Italy
(perhaps it was Pawel's grandfather). This fact hasn't been verified in
any way, but I think it is probable. Name Puzio is quite popular in Italy
(I have found several Italians with this name). Pawel Puzio worked as a
servant in the count Jezierski's estate in Cudow, so I assume that his
Italian ancestor could come to this estate as a man-servant, for example.
It was quite common in aristocratic estates to hire foreigners as man-servants.

These are my guesses which haven't been proved in any way. I intend to go
to Cudow and check parish books there (but this won't happen in the near

I think we have a common ancestor, but this relationship dates earlier than
5 generations ago, so it would be difficult to track (unless your ancestors
lived in Bazanow Nowy before they moved to Nisko).

So, this is all for now. Best wishes and greetings from Poland!



Date: Fri, 24 Jan 1997 10:09:37 +0100
From: Maciej Puzio
Reply-To: puzio@medianet.com.pl
To: Keith Kalemba
Subject: Re: Puzio family


Thanks for yor letter. That would be indeed very interesting if it
turns out that your ancestors are from the area near Kozienice.
I would really appreciate if you send me the results of your
research. For now, I can tell that it is possible that "the first
Puzio" came to Poland with Queen Bona, although I have nothing to
prove it. This however would make my (our?) investigation rather
difficult, because it will require tracking 15-16 generations.

Powodzenia (good luck)



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